Hello there super duper friends! Who’s ready to rock another year of conventions? I just finished up my largest tour yet, 7 shows in a row! (6 conventions and a gallery opening! WOW!) So I’ve been busy! Not too busy, however, to bring you reviews of the shows I’ve been to so that I can share that information with you! Myself, like many of the other hard working artists in the industry, want to make sure that everyone knows how these shows are run. The good, the bad, the ugly, here are my reviews for Artist Alley Confidential –

Portland Retro Gaming Expo – 5 stars

Seattle Retro Gaming Expo – 4.5 stars

Too Many Games Expo – 4.5 stars

SoCal Retro Gaming Expo – 3.5 stars

Classic Gaming Expo – 4.5 stars

Rose City Comic Con – 3.5 stars

Cherry City Comic Con – 3 stars

Wizard World Comic Con (Portland) – 2 stars

Wizard Wolrd Comic Con (Las Vegas)  2.5 stars

Northwest Comic Fest  – 0.5 stars

EUCON – 4 stars

Crypticon – 4.5 stars

Gamestorm – 4.5 stars

PDX Age – 3 stars

OryCon – 3.5 stars

Geek the Halls – 3 stars

BabsCon – 4 stars

Crafty Wonderland – 4.5 stars

Sakura Con – 2.5 stars


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