Whoa, what a response!

Greetings friends and followers! Last year I set up my wordpress account to post pictures of my video game sprites and other works. I haven’t updated in a while because most of my artsy orders are made offline. Well, I’m back and am going to be trying to pay more attention to the social media side of things. A couple months ago, I actually finally started my Etsy. I don’t know what took so long! Busy busy busy…Anyway, perhaps I should introduce myself. 🙂

My name is Mel Paradise! I’m a artist in Portland. I mostly make works based on video games and other nerd culture. My passion (games wise) resides in the obscure, imported, and otherwise unseen. That’s a theme that crosses over from video games into my other works as well. While I do the arts, I am a thinker, philosopher, writer, and sharer of information. We live in an age where a pixel aesthetic is all the rage. Is it simply nostalgia or something else? With advances in science and technology, we are bringing to light more and more how the smaller pieces make up the whole of our entire existence. I think pixels are how similar ideas (maybe if even only on a subconscious level) can be brought to the masses through pop culture and art.

Pixels Aren’t the only thing I work in (both in beads and digital). I also practice classic arts. Painting, sculpture, writing, music. The list goes on and on. I am a creator. We are all creators. What we make influences the world around us, and with this understanding I take great pride in providing quality and awesome services. I would love to see what greatness you are creating too!

I mostly spend my time sharing my art at comic-cons, video game conventions, and art galleries. It’s only now that I’m putting more effort in sharing across this beautiful platform that is the internet. If it weren’t for this luscious landscape of shared ideas, none of this could even be possible. I appreciate every bit of it, and every one of you for sharing in my experience! Keep it awesome, everyone!

-Mel Paradise