2018 Arty Recap

We got so much done this year! We did all new events, and some familiar ones too. We got to try our hand at Saturday Market, and will return next year (March)! We did a collaboration with Portland Street Wear Brand 50Tree and got to show our works at their shop in Lloyd Center. Less conventions this year, but we did just fine! On to the next phase! I will be spending the rest of the time before the new year updating the website with a new layout so that will be up shortly. Everybody’s still loving on the Sushi and this year we released the 20″ sushi pillows to our Etsy shop!



Big News for Small Crafts! We are taking on artists for the 2019 Spring season and are looking for ‘kawaii’ aesthetic designers who make pins, stickers, small prints, patches, etc to carry in our Pop-Up shop on consignment at markets and events. Contact Mel at therealmelparadise@gmail.com if you would like details on how to apply. We have (very!) limited space so apply sooner than later if you want to get in this year!


Speaking of getting in to things, we’ve starting vending a whole variety of different kind of events and we’re available for your event too! Want to see a cute pop-up shop at your Portland event? Send us an email! This year we intend on getting started towards organizing our own event(s) as well, including some locally hosted art and craft workshops. Our team is growing and we look forward to bringing you the best of what Mel Paradise has to offer!


Thank you so much to all of our fans that made 2018 possible for us. We seriously couldn’t have done it without you and we look forward to serving you in 2019!

Happy New Year,

Mel Paradise

Upcoming Shows – Portland Retro Gamers Swap Meet @Doubletree – Mochitsuki Japanese New Year Festival @PSU


See you next year!