Rose City Comic Con – Thank you!!! (And Updates!)


Thanks to everyone who came out to Portland’s Rose City Comic Con! You are the best! Even though this table was a little bit smaller than expected, it was one of the best shows yet!

I know a few of you have expressed concerns about whether or not I’ll be attending RCCC 2017 because of their policy change. Don’t worry, I paid the extra money so I could be there next year. I heard from someone that they’d changed management and that team made it so that only 2D art can be in the artist alley. As myself and other artisans know, that’s complete nonsense and it’s a trend that a lot of larger conventions are starting to adopt. 3D art is also art. We are all part of the same community. We shouldn’t be charged more because of your subjective opinion. We are trying to make a living as well as cater to our fans. It’s a lot of hard work! Next year will mark my 4th year at this particular show. I really hope they figure out what the policies for the following year will be because I don’t believe some artists should be charged more than others. That’s all I’ve got to say about that for now. If you want to talk about it more, talk to me in person. I’m far too busy creating to be caught up in a tired conversation online.

mel_paradise_thumbs-upAll of the supplies are bought and I’m back in the studio getting ready for Portland Retro Gaming Expo! I’ve got more mini consoles, beads sprites, plush sushi, kawaii charms, the whole lot. And I’m STILL working on stuff. I’ve recently added mini perler pixel bonsai plants and mini perler shadow boxes to my etsy shop. Check ’em out here – 


I also spent some hours last week creating some really cool masks. There are a total of 4 of these black light raver/festival masks available in my Ebay shop.

NOW TO PREPARE FOR PRGE!!! BEADS, PIXEL ART, VIDEO GAMES! PRGE!!! A show that I love, like, well, you know…


(yeah, this will be an ongoing joke XD)