EuCon was rad!

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Oni the shibnu!

My friend has this adorable dog named Oni. He’s a Shiba. Wow. So Doge. Very style.

I made a felt plush of him and put it on a keychain. :3


Update to Mel Paradise Etsy Shop


I FINALLY Did it, you guys! I finally got all of the sprites I wanted listed to my Etsy shop. Please, even if you don’t buy anything, take the time to check it out. I just spent the last 2 days sitting at my computer posting 105 listings of items that I created with my own two hands. Please do my a favor and also share with friends as every little bit helps. Thanks!

Thanks Mr. Moth!

Thanks Mr. Moth

Observations in nature make for great inspiration when we stop and contemplate them. I was just out on my balcony and saw something interesting. A very large moth got caught in a cobweb. I thought he might be stuck but watched as he freaked out for a second, got calm and then walked out of it. He crawled up the ledge and sat there for a second fluttering the crap off of his wings before flying off. Majestic.

I thought that this would make for a good metaphor for anxieties that we experience in every day life. We think a lot about the past and future, without giving enough mind to the moment at hand. We get so caught up that we stress ourselves out and don’t even realize that the reason why we’re stuck there in the first place is because the bump in the road was a part of our past. Once we see how little power it has over us, we can gather ourselves and move forward in our journey.

Let’s fly away! 🙂

Mel’s nerdy sculpy charms

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I also sometimes make cute sclupy charms! Here are some plug charms for smart phones that I’ve made. Paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts, Mario Mushrooms, and an assortment of Mameshiba. If you couldn’t tell, I’m quite the fan of cute mascot characters. I’m even working on a series of my own; Tako Niji! I’ll be posting more about it the more of it I get developed. Right now I have a roster of characters, some background, a few rough drafts of short comics and images. And the figurines of course, which are already available on my Etsy!

All of my art is for sale. If you have any requests or would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to email me at

Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop!

Hini Hama bead jewelry and accessories

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Mini Hama beads are really fragile if you try to make larger pieces with them. They are perfectly fine to make into jewelry and accessories. Here I have a Nasu (yume nikki) necklace, Minecraft Ocelot Earrings, Pokeball ring, heart container earring/necklace set, and cute 8bit pixel heart rings.

All of my art is for sale. If you have any requests or would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to email me at

Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop!