1511115_825745307473044_5939444225187057409_n 10404451_825745367473038_2575995995865569773_n 10426306_843292609051647_8401147584395579768_n 10710992_825744664139775_1251671543292606947_n 11053537_825744667473108_3719587948728365183_n

Mini Hama beads are really fragile if you try to make larger pieces with them. They are perfectly fine to make into jewelry and accessories. Here I have a Nasu (yume nikki) necklace, Minecraft Ocelot Earrings, Pokeball ring, heart container earring/necklace set, and cute 8bit pixel heart rings.

All of my art is for sale. If you have any requests or would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to email me at mtogg@live.com

Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop!


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