Claymates_Goopy_Sprite Fish_StarTropics jellies koi bead art Octopus_Bead_Art_EccoJrLeft_Shark_Bead

Project: Fishy Business

So before my last show I decided to challenge myself and make characters/sprites with whatever colors of beads I had left as I wasn’t to order more until after I got back. My decided theme – Fish from various games and other digital media.

There were moments between the generic spritings in which I would make a fish…Or sea creature of some sort. For those who don’t know, I love everything ocean animal related. When I was a kid I was even considering getting into marine biology. Never did happen, but my love of the sea has never faded, and it even shows in my sprite work, and also my upcoming comic series Tako Niji, about a town of cute octopus!

I decided to keep the fish sprites that I didn’t sell, and decorate my bathroom with them, including my Left Shark Sprite which I will place on the back of my toilet so that whenever a male friend uses my restroom, they’ll be greeted with a conspicuous crotch oggle from a man in a shark costume. I love it.

-Mel Paradise

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