pokemon_Charizard profile sprite Pokemon_Mewtwo_Sprite Pokemon_Moltres_Sprite Pokemon_Ninetails Sprite Pokemon_Pikachu Sprite Pokemon_Slowpoke sprite Pokemon_Sprite_Bulbasaur pokemon_Sprite_ unassuming magicarp

Assorted Pokemon Bead Sprites that I’ve made. Most of these I would consider ‘medium’ sized for sprites. Let’s see, we’ve got Charizard, Mewtwo (which took two tries to get right. See last post), Moltres, Ninetails, Pikachu, Slowpoke, Bulbasaur, and Magicarp.

I always love making pokemon sprites because they’re relatively easy and I get to work with more of a variety of colors. Not to mention just how freaking cute they are! There are too many sprites to choose from when it comes to each pokemon. Most of these I chose for particular reasons.

I’m tired of people doing a “cute pikachu” so I went with the classic derpier looking one. The magicarp pose I chose is hilarious in my opinion. He’s the ‘unassuming’ magicarp. That Slowpoke is chillin’ with a slowpoke plushy I picked up one year from Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. He lives next to my couch. Which Pokemon do you think I should make next? Leave comments below!

All of my art is for sale. If you have any requests or would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to email me at mtogg@live.com

Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop!


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